Streamline Your Opening with Gym Management Software

Isaac Buchanan
March 29, 2024
11 Minutes
Gym Opening
This comprehensive guide explores how such software (specifically our software) can transform various facets of the opening process, from lead management to launch offers and more.‍
Gym Sales Software

I've helped open more than 80 clubs in my career so far, each one with varying levels of success. But the latter 30+ opened had considerably more consistency in the results that they achieved in opening and it's all down to two key things.

  1. Executing a top-tier marketing strategy 
  2. Utilising systems to manage your launch effectively

Gym management software has become a cornerstone for streamlining gym openings. This comprehensive guide explores how such software (specifically our software) can transform various facets of the opening process, from lead management to launch offers and more.

Capture & Manage Your Leads

The foundation of a successful gym opening is an effective lead management strategy. Gym management software offers integrated tools to set up lead capture points on your website, such as signup forms for newsletters, free trial offers, and membership inquiries. These initial interactions are crucial for building a potential member base even before your doors open.

Follow these basic steps to get started:


Setup Lead Capture

At a minimum, you should have options for potential customers to submit their contact information to hear more about your launch on your website, social accounts, and even better with your digital ads. 

Gymflow allows you two options to capture these leads:

  • Using embed contact forms for pages
  • Using Zapier to send directly to Gymflow

You can customize the look and feel of your embedded lead capture forms from your Gymflow settings, you can even pre-define the source of where these leads are coming from e.g. website, Instagram, etc. When customized, simply copy and paste the code we provide to any website builder to embed in. The result is a clean and simple form that allows interest people to register their interest.

For advanced users who want complete design control, you can use our Zapier integration to push leads from any form you create anywhere online directly into Gymflow.

Gymflow Lead Capture Form

Design your sales pipeline

With a steady stream of new leads following into your Gymflow account it's time to decide how you will nurture these leads, a well-defined pipeline within the software helps track the progress of each lead, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. If executed correctly you are going to have hundreds, if not thousands of leads to manage. Knowing the "status" of each lead will become increasingly important so that you know how and when to take the next steps to promote conversion. 

Don't complicate this, knowing basics such as who you have managed to speak with, and who you haven't is often enough. Gymflow will automatically convert any lead that purchases so you don't have to. 

Gymflow Gym Sales Pipleline

Add Automated Communications

Gymflow's email automation offers a streamlined approach to engaging new leads effectively. When leads submit their details, they're promptly greeted with personalized emails that provide exclusive insights into your gym, such as a behind-the-scenes look or potential opening dates—information that's not available on your website. This strategy not only keeps leads informed but also fosters a sense of exclusivity and anticipation, enhancing their connection to your gym from the outset. With Gymflow, nurturing leads becomes an automated yet personalized process, setting the stage for a successful gym opening.

Track & Schedule Interactions

Gmflow simplifies tracking and scheduling the next actions for leads, ensuring no potential member falls through the cracks. The platform allows you to make detailed notes on each lead, capturing key preferences, questions, or concerns expressed during interactions. This information becomes invaluable for tailoring future communications and offers to their specific interests.

Moreover, Gymflow's task scheduling feature enables you to set reminders for follow-up actions, such as sending personalized emails, making phone calls, or scheduling appointments. These scheduled tasks ensure timely engagement, keeping your gym top-of-mind for leads. By systematically tracking interactions and planning the next steps, Gymflow helps turn leads into loyal members, streamlining the conversion process with precision and personal touch.

Prepare & launch your offers

Anyone willing to take a punt and subscribe to a business's services before they are even available should be rewarded! Equally, the compounding effects of having early subscribers on your first year's revenue are massive! Even opening with just 50 members pre-sold can have a $20-$30k per year increase in your sales for memberships around $50 per month.

Launch offers are a powerful tool to create urgency and attract early membersGymflow gym management software enables you to design and manage tiered offers, such as early bird discounts, which incentivize quick decision-making. Promotional codes can be seamlessly created and tracked within the software, offering a hassle-free way to manage discounts and special deals.

Here's how to prepare and your launch offers:

Create Urgency With Limited Spaces

It's all about momentum, the more members you have the bigger the word of mouth becomes, and the faster the news of your new business can spread. Your first offer should be the best possible value for money, too good to be true even, this is not about making money, it's about getting the ball rolling.

Subsequent offers can be less aggressive each time until you work your way back up to your standard price, consider this scenario. 

24-Hour Gym with standard memberships priced at $49.99 per month, an aggressive launch offer could look like this:

- Tier 1: First month free and 50% off the first 6 months for the first 50 members

- Tier 2: First month free and 30% off the first 6 months for the next 100 members

- Tier 3: First month free and 20% off the first 3 months for the next 200 members

We strongly recommend that you set time limits for discounts, your business can unlikely afford to offer subsidized prices forever, so ensure you limit discounts to a period that you are happy with. Remember costs to run your business will increase over time and so should your membership prices. 

Easily apply and track discounts with promotional codes 

To ensure you protect yourself from too much uptake on your early bird offers, you can set up your discounts to be automatically applied when someone uses a promotional code.

In Gymflow your promotional codes can be set to automatically be disabled after a certain number of redemptions, ensuring you cap discounts at the pre-defined levels you choose. 

You can monitor how many redemptions your offers get so you can be ready to communicate the next tier has been reached.

Communicate when tiers sell out

When you reach the limit of a tier it is important to notify your leads that it's now sold out and that the new offer that available. This communicates more than just the obvious, it shows that people are keen to join your club and that if they think about it too long they will miss out, thus creating urgency and ensuring the next tier has just as much success as the last.

Enable online joining

With Gymflow you can easily embed your membership options into your website and have people join online or via our mobile app. This is as simple as copying some code to your website, that's it. Our pre-sales mode will enable you to take sales before you open and set all memberships to start at a later date when you open.

Gymflow Embeded Sign Up

Re-target no converting leads with free trials after the launch

Not all leads convert on their first encounter, especially during pre-sales when they can't visit the club and see what's on offer. During pre-sales, there will be a large portion of your leads that do not convert. Once your club opens it's a highly effective tactic to get these people down to the club to check it out by offering a free trial.

Using Gymflow, you can create a 1-day pass that can be claimed for free using a promo code. Using our user list you can easily segment users that are not covert during your presale and send a mass email to these leads offering them the free trial.

When the lead claims the trial they will automatically placed in a "Trial" status so your team can identify them as hot leads that should be chased for conversion after they visit the club. 


Gym management software, particularly Gymflow, has emerged as an indispensable tool in this journey, providing a robust framework for lead management, sales pipeline organization, automated communications, and strategic offer deployment. By harnessing the power of Gymflow, gym owners can not only captivate and nurture leads but also convert them into loyal members with efficiency and ease.

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This comprehensive guide explores how such software (specifically our software) can transform various facets of the opening process, from lead management to launch offers and more.‍
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