Manage Members like a pro

Create flexible membership options, automate billing, and make member management a breeze.

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Build your services

Build a combination of services unique to your business and have our automated payments do the rest.


Email users directly from their profile from your custom email address. Use email templates to speed up common responses.

See a clear history

See a timeline of activity from staff and user actions from lead submission to joining, attending and beyond.

Manage memberships with ease

Ultimate control over all your memberships without wasting loads of time. Schedule common actions for future dates to stop using forms or lists.


Pause or cancel

Schedule membership pauses or cancellations. Memberships resume automatically and we calculate all fees due.

Apply credits

Apply credits to upcoming payments to give discounts or reward members for referrals.

Upgrade or downgrade

Change memberships with 2 clicks and build a clear upsell strategy, or avoid cancellations with downgrades.

Take notes

Keep important records attached to member profiles, upload and save any type of document.

Global payment capabilities

Remove any challenges from collecting payments from customers. Payments and payments reporting is fully integrated, giving you one easy source for information.

Competitive pricing

Simple and transparent pricing with our payments partner Stripe to ensure you get the best rate.

Detailed reporting

See the full story when it comes to your revenue, where it's from, how much, who bought and sold it.

Get a clear view

See a detailed history of user activity over time to get a view of what next steps are best for each user.

See only what you need

Filter out the timeline to show only what is relevant to you.

From the very beggining

History starts from the first enquiry and never stops so you can understand the reasons behind actions.

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