Promote your business with Marketing Tools

Fill your funnel and drive conversions, re-joins and increased spend with a suite of marketing tools designed to create automated and speedy workflows that covert to sales.

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Promotional Codes

Create smart campaigns that offer flexible discounting options. Control discounts with limits and report on performance.

Conversational SMS

Speak to users live from within the dashboard. Quickly follow up with leads and improve customer service.

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Automated Campaigns

Build automated and customised journeys for your users that activate when certain conditions are meet.

Run trackable and flexible offers

Use discount codes to control discounting and build offers that are guaranteed to increase sales.

Flexible discounts

Optimise discounts with full control over upfront and recurring discounts in local currency or percentage off.

Custom Limits

Control discounts by limiting code usage to a total number, implement per user limits and set codes to auto expire.

Easily reportable

See code usage numbers live on the promotions dashboard and segment users by promo code used to see more insights.

Email marketing all in one place

Never export an email list again and run all your email activity from one intuitive platform using a custom email address. Save time with pre built email send triggers.

Email templates

Create templates for commonly sent emails using placeholders to customise the content automatically per user.

Email campaigns

Segment user lists to target specific users and send mass emails with once click.

Chat with customers live and improve response times

Coming Soon
Get information to users faster with SMS. Improve response time equals better customer service.

Conversational SMS

Live chat with any user directly from the platform and keep a history of conversations for improved team performance.

SMS campaigns

Run targeted SMS campaigns from custom user segments or get an important message out faster with greater visibility than email.

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