24 Hour Gym Access Control

A fully automated gym access control system sent straight from the future to power your business growth.
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Fully Integrated Gym Access Control

Grant and revoke gym access automatically based on membership status, fully automated, no administration or maintence required.

Instant Access

Access is granted instantly when a membership is purchased with no syncing time.

Recover Payments

Our app prompts members trying to access without payment to make the payment in the app to regain access.
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Fully Customisable

Set different access rules per membership, offer off-peak access, restrict access by room and more.

Mobile Access

Customers can purchase memberships directly in your app and access the gym without a card or key fob.

Multiple ways to enter

Give gym members the ability to access multiple ways that suit you and them.
24 hour gym access control

Waive to enter

Just waive your hand over the reader and let motion sense do the rest. We check the members iPhone via Bluetooth to check access is allowed.
Mobile gym access control

Tap to enter

Just tap your device against the reader to access the gym. No need to unlock the phone or open the app.
gym access control system

Traditional Methods

Option to use access cards and key fobs if you choose. Great alternative for members without smartphones.
gym access control

Open your Gym 24/7 with ease.

The most straight forward way to extend your trading hours or reduce staff costs. No more complex setups or expensive installations.

Increase sales

Increase your competitive advantage by extending your opening hours or by going 24/7. Make your gym a more convenient solution to grow gym members.

Reduce staff costs

Reduce the number of staff required to operate your gym by automating your gym access at some or all times of the day.

Collect Failed Payments

Access is automatically revoked when membership payments are missed. Our app prompts members trying to access without payment to make the payment in the app to regain access.

Alerts & Feedback

Our app will provide your members with information on how to access the gym and any actions that need to be taken to gain access or re-gain access.